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Representing Former Clients of Trans-National Securities & Trust and Price Richardson

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Getting the case to this point has taken an enormous effort over many years – investigating thousands of documents and using the services of several lawyers and investigators.


With the combined evidence and financial resources of many members, we can do what no individual could attempt.


I was a TNST client who lost a large amount of money. To find out what happened, I contacted other TNST clients and formed a group. When it grew too big, it changed to a business and then a company.

We set up a structure for financing the venture, since it has required a huge amount of time and effort. Clients are working with FRCS for compensation.


Costs for our lawyers, consultants and investigators are unavoidable. We are dependent on your financial support. FRCS is your chance to find the truth of this case. The better funded we are, the more likely it will be that the result will be fair.


Help To Achieve A Better Result!


Some clients support us by their time, effort and work e.g. in contacting other former TNST clients, assisting their local law enforcement authorities or in contacting influential people in the government, politics and the media (television, newspapers, magazines etc.) All clients are encouraged to help in some way to achieve a fair result.

Without our work, no victim would receive compensation.

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